Your Day - Your Way

Your Day, Your way

It’s YOUR wedding and so things should be done your way.

While a celebrant can give you some guidance from experience, its so important that the ceremony is designed to meet your specific requirements.

Want to involve your children?

No problem.

Want to include prayers or hymns?

So be it.

Want a short sharp and shiny ceremony?

Then just tell me so.

If you want some guidance based on what others do, that’s fine, but if you have specific requests I will delighted to discuss them with you.

BIG Wedding, small wedding, themed wedding?

Its a delight to attend and conduct so many different wedding styles.

If you want to go medieval, Gothic, fairytale, or some other theme.

Maybe you would like to have your wedding on a football field.


Want cultural or religious content?

Then say so, you don’t want to regret later that you didn't make your wishes known.